At HOTRAK we are a diverse group of people who share an interest in the world’s greatest hobby. Our 50-odd membership includes ages from under 15 to over 70 ranging from inexperienced to master of all hailing from Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We are a welcoming club and encourage membership regardless of age or experience. You only need to want to have fun!

Our Goal

To be Ontario’s leading modular model railway club providing
exceptional enjoyment, member cohesiveness and club experience.

Our Purpose

To deliver quality operating sessions, promote member participation, socialization and learning. 

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Sep 2024

Sept 2024 Layout

Kim Zuters

Sep 2024 

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Operating Weekend Dates

This link opens a document which lists all the operating dates for 2023/2024. It is accessible only by HOTRAK members. These dates are also in the calendar below.


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Training Program

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This calendar shows the various events associated with HOTRAK over our operating season. You need to be a member to see the details. To see the entries you must register your non-gmail email address with Google calendar or have a gmail account.  The e-mail address you use must also be registered to this calendar with the club's deputy webmaster.  
You can also access this information directly from the resources page.

HOTRAK Overview

This video shows various aspects of the club from layout set up to running trains. 
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