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Here we provide more information about the club including its history, a tri-fold brochure which describe the club and how we operate, media and links to more information about the club and the model railroad hobby.

HOTRAK members gather at 50th anniversary OVAR dinner 22 HOTRAK members celebrate the club’s 15th anniversary at the 50th anniversary of OVAR on 12 April 2011. Today we still have 8 founding members, but the membership has grown to almost 50 with a mix in ages from under 15 to over 70. 

Sitting Left to Right: Jacques Thuot; Gary Baillargeon, Pat Brewer, Steve Adamson, Bernie Goodman, Paul Anderson, John Scollick

Standing Left to Right: Larry Lanctot, Georges Barre, Garry Comber, Mike Doyle, Andrew Jeanes, Bill Noel, Peter Parkinson, David Jeanes, Graeme Chase, Kim Zuters, Colin Churcher, Normand Levert, Charles Spencer, Tim Pullen, Michel Vincent, Gregory Gee.


The Ottawa Valley HOTRAK club was founded in April 1996 as a reincarnation of an earlier modular club in Ottawa that had disbanded a few years earlier. The founding members got together and laid out some basic principals for the club. The three most prominent were: Operations; double and single track Main Line running; and loop to loop operations with branch lines. Standards were set out for module construction based on Moccasin Modular Railroad Club Standards and Free-mo Standards and the development of Transition Modules to marry the two together. All modules or groups of modules were to be independent from each other and had to physically and electrically match at the interfaces.


From September till June the Club gets together approximately every four to six weeks for an Operating Session. Mixed in with this we also participate in a Train show or two and annually the OVAR (Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders) Rally and the OVAR Flea Market.


A presentation describing HOTRAK