This page provides additional information to prospective new members about joining HOTRAK.


Review the new member process below before submitting an application. If you still need more information before applying, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page

New Member Process

1 Review content of the HOTRAK website

Briefly reviewing our website will give you some familiarity with what we offer and how we operate. It may seem daunting at first, but we have a very good process to get you started off. Check out our brochure below.

2 Understand that the club has modest dues

Our club dues are paid annually and are very modest especially in comparison to other clubs. During the orientation process you only pay $10 per session until you become a member. Then the remainder of the dues are paid.

3 Understand the orientation process

The orientation process provides the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure you become a safe and effective engineer within the club, even if you have no previous experiece. If you do have previous experience we can shorten the program for those experiences.

4 Communication Coordinator

Express your interest to our Communication Coordinator with the “Send form” button below after filling out the contact form. You will be given more information and linked with the membership coordinator.

5 Attend a club operating session

The Membership Coordinator will provide you with the next operating date so that you can come out and see the club in action. We have a large layout with multiple types of trains running. I am sure you will find something of interest to you.

6 Submit a new member application

Having been exposed to what the club has to offer, if you are interested in becoming a member click on the “Submit Application” button below.

7 Meet the Orientation Coordinator

When you are ready to start the orientation process, you will meet with the Orientation Coordinator who will explain the process and go over the documents and forms you will use.

8 Start the orientation process

Now you are off to the races. By attending our operating sessions you will have opportunities to progress through your orientation package en route to becoming a full engineer in the club. Check out the Orientation page for info.



If you need more information before deciding on applying for membership, enter your contact information below and any comments or questions you may have


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