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This page lists many resources to enable members to contact each other, check membership status, create car cards for their freight cars and locomotives (required for running on the layouts), verify locomotive and decoder addresses, operating records and other very useful information to help build a module. Click on the banner to return to the top of the page.


Executive & Support Officers

Want to know who does what in the club, check out this list


Forgotten someone’s name, check out the list of members here

Dates 2020

Don’t miss an operating session, reserve these dates

Dates 2021

It’s never too early to check out when train weekend will be

Decoder list by address

Want to know which DCC addresses are taken, check it here

Decoder list by loco number

Want to know which loco numbers are taken, check it here

Decoder list by owner

Want to know which member has reserved which number, check it here

Clinic schedule

Check out the details for each planned clinic

HOTRAK organization chart

See the relationship between the Executive and support officers

Storage room upgrade

Check out the progress and plan here

Backdrop paint

Click the icon to go to Benjamin Moore's
site for Cayman blue (2060-50).

Remote Ops Manual

You will find all the information and procedure to participate in remote operations

Remote Ops Setup Instructions

The instructions outline how to set up remote operations with JMRI with either (A) Digitrax DCC System [page 1] or (B) Raspberry Pi [page 2] DCC system


Car Card 1

A blank pdf version so that you can write in your car data


Car Card 2

A Google doc version so you can type in your car data


Car Card 3

An Excel version where you input the car data and it automatically creates the card


Loco Card

A Word version so you can type in your locomotive data


Traffic Superintendent Log

The TS log


NMRA Scale

A printable scale to properly weigh your cars based on its length


Passenger Operations

Passenger train cards


Freight Ops Card

Freight train cards


Bad Order

When you run into a problem with a freight car, fill in one of these


Castor River Card

Castor River cards


Car Card Holder

Instructions to build a styrene card holder


Module Name

After you build yourself a module, label it with this template

Build a Loco Net Star 

How to wire a telephone jack for DCC

Wiring a telco wall plate

Convert that phone wall plate into a DCC port

Module Building Tips

Check out Bob Moore's module building blog

Anderson Power Pole Conversion

This video link to the club's YouTube channel provides a video summary of the process to convert modules to Anderson Power Poles

Modifying a Peco turnout

How to improve turnout reliability

Tortise Installation

How to motorize turnouts